Towards the end of 2012 I was writing a book on the experiences gained from commodity trading when Superstorm Sandy struck. With our home town of Hoboken flooded the mayor launched a public appeal for food trucks to come to the city and help feed the community. A week of tremendous support ignited the idea of pursuing a more fulfilling career path away from Wall street. Less than six months later we hit the road looking to fill the void by bringing our unique twist on Americana.                   
              Why do an Italian sausage when we could bring a smoked alligator sausage with bacon-infused sauce piquante? Rather than a traditional beef burger why not push the palate with kangaroo? How about Hawaiian slow cooked wild boar instead of pulled pork? Cheesesteak? Let’s use yak. But just in case not all our customers are ready for the “dark side” we offer the more traditional staples with something for everyone. Our menu changes with the seasons and availability as we continually push to bring new culinary ventures to market.
              We pride ourselves on working closely with the local community to source organic produce or finding suppliers who use sustainable, ethical farming practices such as Woodsedge Wool Farm or Natures Own farm. Our game meats never use antibiotics or growth hormones. They are either farm or pasture raised and never receive animal based feed.

               Apart from tasting better, having less impact on the environment and being ethically superior, there are numerous health benefits too. Lower cholesterol, less fat, less palmitic acid, good source of omega-3s, the list is endless. Below you’ll find some links to better educate one on the benefits of cleaner meat not raised in feedlots.

               Our final aim is make these exotic choices as accessible as possible. Even now it is very rare to find some of our offerings outside of a Michelin-star restaurant (with concomitant price tag!) We strive to bring value without sacrificing quality so that everyone can sample these delights, safe in the knowledge that once you try you’ll be a customer for life.

               So what are you waiting for? Come pay a visit to Dark Side Of The Moo-Exotic Meat Emporium today!  


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